A new start in 2010

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy 2010, so far! I just wanted to make a quick update to let you all know that I have started my quest to explore a vegetarian diet for 30 days. It’s almost been a week (I started last Sunday, the 3rd), and so far, so good. I’m paying much more attention to what I’m eating…more fruits and veggies (obviously), and less processed stuff. Also, I’m drinking more water and less soda! This is a great change for me, and I hope it sticks!

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  1. Good luck girl!I really don’t think I could ever go vegetarian. I could *maybe* go without red meat, but not without chicken or fish. No way. Just make sure that you get all your protein!!

  2. Thanks! And don’t worry, Husband is making sure of that. Every meal he asks me, “Where are you getting your protein from?” lol I’m eating a lot of beans, chickpeas, nuts, etc. And I am still eating dairy and eggs, which are major sources of protein.

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