My CD stash – 2010

The last of the diapers that I ordered on Cyber Monday came in today, so I can finally do a stash post!  Here are all of the diapers I’ve collected this year (with the exception of the 36 Indian Prefolds I bought recently…because they aren’t very cute!)

Covers and Hybrids

Diaper covers stash 12-10

Bottom row (L to R): Thirsties in Blackbird (Duo Size 1) & Melon (XS), Bumkins in Green Horton (Newborn) & Grinch (Small)

Top row (L to R): GroVia One-Size Shells in Vanilla & Seaside Stripe (w/4 inserts), Flip One-Size cover in Ribbit (w/2 stay-dry inserts)


Pockets (all One-Size)

Pocket diaper stash 12-10

Bottom row (L to R): Kawaii in Lime, Happy Heinys in Yellow

Middle row (L to R): bumGenius 4.0’s (w/snaps) in Blossom, Twilight, and White

Top row (L to R): bumGenius 4.0’s (w/hook & loop) in White, Noodle, Bubble, and Grasshopper

And here’s a close-up of the Bumkins Dr. Seuss diapers, because they’re my current favorite!

Horton diaper close-up

Grinch diaper close-up

The Bumkins are kind of odd, though. They are a “vented” diaper cover, meaning the back of the diaper is not a solid piece of fabric. It has a panel like this:

Bumkins cover 1

and beneath that is a mesh lining, to allow more air circulation into the diaper, I guess…

Bumkins cover 2

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  1. Its snowing on your blog!! Very cute. Did you see KC is doing the free AIO with $29 purchase again?

    • I know! Isn’t it awesome?! hehehe Yes, I saw the KC free diaper. 🙂 I’m trying to decide what I want to get…maybe some more covers? I wish she had these for sale already, I want to try them!!

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