More fluffy mail on the way!

Cotton Babies is having a sale on BG All-in-Ones.  They are “seconds”, meaning there are minor cosmetic defects, but the diapers are fully functional.  I just ordered 6 XS and 6 Small diapers for $6 each!  🙂

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  1. I got mine in last night. I couldnt find any defects. The pink is sooo cute.

    • Mine came in on Friday. I found a tiny pen mark on one, and another one was labeled a large, but it’s definitely a small. I ended up w/ 5 XS and 7 Small, instead of the 6 and 6 I ordered, but that’s ok. I think I’ll get more use out of the smalls anyway.

  2. I ordered the BG 4.0s, they were only $9?!

    • Yeah, their “seconds” clearance is usually a really good deal. I don’t know how often they do it, so I just check FB every once in a while. They announce the sales there.

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