Cloth diapering my newborn

I’ve been getting some questions about how cloth diapers are working out for us, so why not post about it?

Since the dr kept telling me that I was going to have a big baby, I didn’t invest in a lot of “newborn” sized diapers because I thought he would outgrow them too fast.  At one month old and over 9 lbs, he still fits into newborn or XS diapers, though they are getting a little snug.

Here is my newborn stash and my opinions on them (all diapers have velcro closures unless otherwise noted):

5 XS bumGenius 3.0 All in Ones (AIO)

  • Pros: Almost everything!  Love these!  My favorite diapers, so far. 
  • Cons: Can take a while to dry since they’re so thick.

1 Thirsties XS cover (This is not the Duo Wrap with the adjustable snap rise.)

  • Pros: I like the leg gussets and the elastic around the waist (contains messes very well). 
  • Cons: The infant size prefolds I have don’t fit under this, and there’s no way to secure the Thirsties stay dry insert in the cover.  Therefore, the cover always gets messy, and can’t be aired out and reused, which kind of defeats the purpose of using an insert and a cover, right?

1 Bumkins newborn cover (Apparently, they have recently re-done their product line.  This is an older version of their newborn cover, which does NOT have the adjustable snap rise.)

  • Pros: It’s super cute!  (We have the Dr. Seuss Horton one seen here.)
  • Cons: Everything else.  I hate this cover.  It has leg gussets, but there is no elastic around the waist, meaning messes ALWAYS escape out the top, no matter how tight I make it.  Would probably work better with a fitted or prefolds, but has the same problem as the Thirsties cover above (they don’t fit under the cover!)

1 Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo insert

  • Pros: Absorbs wetness well. 
  • Cons: Can’t be snapped in to the cover, which leads to messes.

1 Dream-Eze Small Fitted (Made by The Natural Baby Company – the same company that makes GroVia diapers – but the Dream-Eze are no longer for sale on their website.)

  • Pros: Very absorbant.
  • Cons: Tight fit under the Thirsties XS cover, works better under a Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 1.  Has snap closure, so it’s hard to get a good fit on my skinny boy.

I’ve also tried a couple of Small sized diapers on him.  The bumGenius AIO  are still a little big, but I can get them snug enough so they don’t leak.  The GroVia Hybrid AI2  are also a little big for now, but I think these will be another favorite!  The FuzziBunz and Ecobumz (which are apparently no longer available anywhere?) both have snap closures, so I can’t get them to fit correctly.  (Snaps may just not work for us…)

And we have several one-size bumGenius 4.0 and Flips that I haven’t tried yet because I think they’ll fall off of him, but we’ll see how those work out.

My August baby is 1 month and 1 day old, and looks so cute with his fluffybutt!

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  1. Very helpful post. I am strongly considering investing in a newborn stash for the next one. I hated using disposies (which surprised me). My skinny baby does better in velcro too.

    • Thanks! I definitely wish i had more of the XS bumGenuis, They are my go-to diaper. I hate the disposibles too, probably cause we use so many of them! I change his diaper, then he eats, and 20 mins later I have to change him again! Even DH is realizing the practicality of cloth!

      I know I definitely won’t attempt prefolds and covers again. They are a pain. in. the. butt. I have learned that they make great burp cloths, though. (I have these: So, at least they aren’t goimg to waste!

      (Sorry for the typos: baby on the boob. yes, I got him to relatch successfully w/ no pain! (My mom has a friend whose daughter is a CLC and she lives in the same part of town as I do.) Turns out he was not taking enough of the nipple in. He still likes to go back to the tip, but I just take him off and we start again. It’s a work in progress…)

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