Not fair

I am jealous of all of you moms out there that have the luxury of staying home with your kids (or have spouses who can).

You can actually make decisions in your child’s best interest. I’m forced into doing things that I’m not 100% comfortable with because my child will be in a mini germ factory over 40 hours a week while I sit in a tiny cubicle all day in front of a computer to pay the bills.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure being a stay at home parent is harder than my full time job. But at least you have options. You don’t have to vaccinate your kids on schedule unless you want to. You don’t have to buy disposable diapers just to be tossed in the garbage. You actually get to watch your kids grow up. And the list goes on.

Not fair.

(This post brought to you by extreme mommy guilt…)

My August baby is 2 months old, and I’m already dreading going back to work in January. (At least I still have a couple of months to win the lottery…)

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  1. Holy crap! You don’t have to go back until January?!?! Wowzers!

    Personally, and this is definitely a personal thing, I find work to help me. When I’m home with Sofi during the summer I get stir crazy and feel cut out of the adult world. I know I don’t do everything I can to fix that problem, but work gives me adult interaction and allows me “down time”, if you will. Having lived both, I think being a working mom is harder (but that’s my opinion). And I’m also a single stay-at home mom over the summers, so my view is different than stay at home moms who have dad’s help.

    If you’re staying home that long, are you going to be able to do an alternate schedule for at least *some* of them?

    • Yeah, I can see your point about needing adult interaction, and having down time. That’s very important. We’re just having a really rough day here, and seeing him hurt makes me so sad because it’s my fault that he got all of those shots today. 🙁

      I asked the pedi about the alternate schedule, but with the combo vaccines they use, we couldn’t break it up according to the Dr. Sears schedule. He would have to get all of the 4 month shots anyway to be up to date for daycare, so we just went ahead and started with the regular schedule.

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