Burst.it – Video Review

Recently, I had the oppourtunity to try out a new photo and video app called Burst.it (aka: Burst).  Maybe someone stalked my blog and saw all of the pictures and videos that were obviously not taken with professional equipment, and figured I knew a lot about mobile devices?  hahaha  Either way, I graciously accepted the chance to check it out, and pawned my kid off on my husband for a little while, so I could play around on my iPad in (relative) peace and quiet.  🙂

Burst is, in simple terms, a photo and video sharing and organization app that you can access from any device with internet access.  In addition to accessing Burst from your PC or Mac, there are apps available for your iPhone/iPad and Android!  It connects your special moments with the friends and family you choose.  Privately, securely, and easily!

That means:

  • No more syncing your phone with your computer!
  • No more reviewing your privacy settings for the 100th time before you post your photos in an online album!
  • No more messaging or emailing your photos and videos – which take forever for you to send, and even longer for your recipient to load!
Sounds pretty neat, huh?  Check out my video review to see how it works! (Sorry for the quality, my video review skills are a work in progress!)

So, in a nutshell:

What I love about it – Before Burst, I would usually email pictures I took with my iPhone to myself, so that I could access them on my PC.  Now I don’t have to do that!  I can share my photos and videos (and there are a LOT of them) with my friends and family all at once (from any internet device that I own) in an instant!  Also, your receipients do not have to have a smart phone or a Burst.it account to receive and view what you send (but if they did, they could share all of their moments with you, too!)

What I wasn’t crazy about – I wish there was an easier way to transfer media from your Burst.it account on to your computer.  The only way I found to do this was to view the picture and “save as”.  Also, the app has connectivity with Facebook, but I wish I could use it with other social networking platforms (ie: Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)  If those options were available, Burst.it would be a one stop shop for all of my photos and videos!  No more going back and forth between websites to post photos and videos seperately!

Now onto the great news:

One lucky winner will receive a free lifetime storage plan from Burst, valued at approximately $60 per year!  That’s FREE photo and video storage for LIFE!  Just follow the instructions below.



{I was contacted to do this review of Burst, as part of a promotional program with MomSelect.  All opinions are my own.  In exchange for my review of this service, I received a lifetime storage plan from Burst.  Please read my disclosure policy here.}

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