Cloth diapering – one year later

WE DID IT!  We cloth diapered for (almost) a YEAR!  (Nanny nanny boo boo to everyone who said we wouldn’t make it six WEEKS!  lol)

And before anyone asks, yes, we will will continue using cloth through potty training.  (I am very excited about the new Flip trainers on the market!)

Since my last “official” cloth post was a while ago, we’ve obviously updated our stash and routine a little.  (For the record, diapering (cloth or otherwise) a mobile baby = huge pain in the BUTT!  I miss the newborn stage, sometimes!)

First of all, we’ve (obviously) moved on to one-size fits all diapers.

Our stash is still mostly pockets, including:

  • bumGenius 4.0  – We have both snaps and velcro in these, and we prefer the velcro.  They’re much easier to wrangle on to a squirmy baby, and I feel like we get a better fit with the flexibility of the velcro.  We also have a couple of the new bumGenius Freetime, which are awesome! They have the convenience of an all-in-one without taking a million years to dry!  (We have the Albert print, which is super cute!)
  • FuzziBunz – A lot of people are surprised when I say these are my favorite pocket diaper.  Despite our preference for velcro over snaps (these are only available with snap closure), we get the best fit with these!  I love the adjustable, replaceable (no sewing required!) elastic.  The only time we ever have leaks is when the size needs to be adjusted, which takes a little time and can require some trial and error, but I still {heart} them.  My only concern is that these may not adjust large enough for our boy to keep wearing before he starts potty training.  🙁
  • Happy Heinys  – I’m not crazy about these.  There are too many snaps to deal with, and I always feel like I can’t get them tight enough.  (This may be an issue of elastic wearing out.)

Lately though, I’ve tended to gravitate more toward Flip hybrid diapers to avoid stuffing pockets because my diaper laundry constantly looks like this!  (Those are all pockets waiting to be stuffed.  The inserts are in there somewhere…)

I also like the disposable insert option, which is great when we’re out running errands.

We’ve also started adding a liner in the diapers to handle the “twosies”.  A lot of people use a diaper sprayer, but I just could not get on that bandwagon.  (And they’re kind of pricey!)  So, instead, I bought a set of six rolls of CuteyBaby liners.  They work pretty well, but the liners do get bunched up in the diapers on occassion, which can make things a little messy…

For the most part, the diapers are holding up very well after almost a year.  I only bought a few of them brand new (most were pre-loved), so I find that pretty impressive.  The velcro is pilling a little, but still very sticky, and all of the snaps are still intact.  We’ve had to retire a couple because the elastic was shot, though. I should mention that we do not CD full-time, because of daycare, but they get plenty of wear in the evenings and on the weekends.

We’ve been using the same wash routine since the beginning.  I start off with a cold soak and a few squirts of BioKleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator, then a hot wash/cold rinse with Planet detergent, followed by a second rinse.  Then everything but the diaper covers (Flips and Best Bottoms) goes in the dryer on medium.  The pockets are always dry when I take them out, but sometimes the inserts need another drying cycle on hot.  We have hard water, and using this routine, we have not had any issues with repelling or leaks.  I haven’t needed to strip my diapers, either.

Here’s to another year of less diapers in the trash, and cute fluffy butt pictures of my boy!

{I am receiving no compensation for my reviews on these products.  This has just been my experience with these particular diapers and laundry products.  All babies are different, and what works for us may not work for you.  This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclosure policy for more information.}

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  1. So you recommend the Bac Out? I purchased a bottle from amazon, and when it arrived, surprise, it was completely empty and had leaked entirely in the mail. Amazon refunded me, but I have not made a leap to purchase more. We are constantly encoutering a stink issue… I’ve tried Tide HE, Charlies Soap, All Free and Clear, and strip with Dawn much more frequently. Our routine is cold rinse (sometimes start with cold wash), hot wash with detergent, cold rinse (multiple rinses if stripping). We still haven’t found the best rhythm, but it’s trial and error, I suppose.

    • Allie @ The Practically Green Mom says:

      Sara, I’m going to respond to both of your comments here, so hopefully I answer everything!

      I definitely recommend the Bac Out, if you can get your hands on a full bottle! lol I have seen it for sale in grocery stores around here, so it might be worth taking a walk down the laundry aisle on your next trip. It definitely helps us with the stinkies. I also use it to soak the messy diapers (luckily those don’t happen too often anymore) before wash day to remove stains.

      Your wash routine sounds the same as mine, so I would try the Bac Out first. (Or I’ve also heard good things about Rockin’ Green Funk Rock ( for de-stinking.) If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s probably time to switch detergents. We use the liquid Planet, but there’s also a powder version.

      Using the dryer may make a difference, too. The heat will make sure everything gets really dry, and may take care of any lingering smells. The pockets should be fine on one medium dry cycle, but the inserts and any AIOs are going to need extra time. If the smells are just in the inserts, air dry the pockets and just throw the inserts in the dryer (remember, no fabric softener!)

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. Also, congrats on making it a year with cloth! We did disposables almost all weekend, and I was hating it by this morning. They stink so badly!

    I might try the Planet detergent. Also, I air dry everything, and have never put anything in the dryer, so maybe that makes a difference? It also might be the diapers… the Sunbaby diapers seem to smell more than the BG’s.

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