Minimalist Monday

Inspired by today’s Minimalist Monday post on Happy Herbivore:

I think this might become my new “project” (in September, of course – when the first birthday frenzy ends!) Not just my bathroom (though that probably needs the most help!), but every room in my house. We have so much “stuff” that doesn’t have a place – taking up space in a junk drawer, closet, dresser, etc…why do we need it?!

Last night, on a whim, I decided to go through our DVDs. I thought about getting rid of all of them, but we do have a working DVD player, and *Hunter* loves his Baby Signing Time. My collection of Friends (TV series) DVDs is staying put, too. (It’s a classic! lol) But the others…hmmm. I had a stack of about 15 that I finally decided could be parted with (baby steps, people!), and in comes my husband, the packrat…

He sorted through the discs.

“We should keep this one.” “Why are you getting rid of this?” “We still have room in that box, what’s one more?”

Oh, this is going to be a long battle. God grant me the serenity…

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