Minimalist Monday – Master Bath

I should have been in birthday party preparedness mode this weekend. (This Saturday can not come fast enough! Next year…not at my house!)

But I kept thinking about Minimalist Monday and the sad state of my master bathroom (since Happy Herbivore talked about it last week!)

So, after putting little man in the “indoor swimming pool” (aka: master bath garden tub) with some new bath toys, I got down to business.

Sorry there are no “before” pics, but it was embarrassing. Trust me on that.


Yes, there is still stuff on the counter, but that’s probably never going to change. lol I need to get another basket (like the one on the far left) for Husband’s everyday stuff.

I plan on getting rid of the blue plastic drawers as soon as I find a decent storage solution for under the sink (which is currently empty!)

Is this truly minimalist? Probably not. But I’m VERY happy with the results! 🙂

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  1. Bottles are a fact of bathrooms. We put ours on a glass footed cake plate to make them look special. Baskets on countertops just dont work for me.

    • Allie @ The Practically Green Mom says:

      The basket does take up more space than I’d like. Maybe I don’t need another one. The cake plate idea is good. I’ll look for some ideas on Pinterest!

  2. Oh doesn’t it feel good to de clutter???

    • Allie @ The Practically Green Mom says:

      It really does! I can’t wait to start on something else! It will have to wait until after my son’s birthday party on Saturday, though.

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