You remember the stash post I did just the other day?

Yeah, you can disregard that. lol

I’m in the process of selling a lot of those to fund some new (well, new to me) fitteds and fleece for nighttime, as well as a few more Charlie Banana pockets (and maybe another Simplex 2.0?)

The FuzziBunz are just too small now. I’ve been trying to pretend that they’re not, but it’s true. And I’ve lost the love for my one lone BG 4.0. So they have to go.

I also think I’ll be selling my Yo Gabba Gabba diaper. He’s worn it twice and has already figured out how to take it off. If it was one-size, I’d keep it for baby #2, but it’s a large. 🙁

Do you find yourself trying and loving different brands as your child gets older, or do you stick to one or two of your favorites throughout their time in diapers?

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  1. Melissa Ponticelli says:

    Where are you seliing them?


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