So, this is Christmas…

Another holiday season is upon us! Not that you would be able to tell, because the temperature is still in the 70s here! The other day, though, I cranked up the air conditioner, and wrestled the little one into his Christmas pj’s for a mini photo session for our Christmas cards. He wasn’t quite sure what the plan was at first…but he got into the spirit eventually.

image via Shutterfly

“Now, where are the Santa pictures?!”, you may be asking. Last year’s experience went way too well, but he was obviously too young to be afraid of Santa. This year, to avoid spending 342903840912834 hours at the mall waiting in line, only for him to have a meltdown at the sight of the jolly red suited guy…I am delegating the Santa photo ops to someone else!! Santa is coming to little man’s daycare this year, and THEY can enjoy the experience of that epic fail…while I get the pictures! I knew I paid them good money for something! (And yes, I will post them here, because who doesn’t love the classic “crying child in Santa’s lap”?)

We also put up a real (fake) tree this year, as opposed to the “cat-proof tree” from last year. So far, it has remained unscathed from sticky toddler fingers and kitty cat claws!

Happy Holidays!!

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