I like “fluffy butts”…and my partner doesn’t…

I got a question today on my Facebook page about how to convince your significant other to use cloth diapers. I see this a lot from mamas – complaining about their partners not appreciating the benefits of cloth diapering (saving money and the earth, obviously!)

My dear husband is one of those men. He prefers disposables, hands down. We are a cloth and disposable family, so he has access to sposies at all times. Here are a few of his reasons for not using cloth:

1. “That diaper pail smells like cat pee.” (And the disposable pail DOESN’T stink?! False.)

2. “Dumping toddler poop in the toilet is gross.” (Ok, this is agree with. Though, technically, you should dump poo from disposables, as well. It shouldn’t go in the trash!)

3. “Who cares if it’s cute? It literally holds poop!” (Straight men have no concept of fashion.)

4. “You’re going to cover it up with pants anyway!” (I am? Ever heard of BABY LEGS?!)

5. “He looks silly in those legwarmers. It’s not 1985.” (But look how cute his diaper is! Oh, never mind.)


If you are dealing with a similar situation, here are a few tips. I’m not advocating “changing” your partner (’cause that never works!), but here are a some suggestions that might ease him into appreciating cloth diapers (or at least make him willing to change one on occasion!)

1. “As long as I’m doing the laundry, I’ll put whatever diapers I want on him!” – Ok, this might not be helpful, but it’s true. If he doesn’t have to deal with the laundry and poop removal, why should he care what covers your kid’s butt? Would he prefer your child have a nasty diaper rash and need to roam around naked, risking bodily fluids everywhere?!

2. Get some diapers that are as close to disposables as possible. (Easy to put on and take off.) – This means VELCRO (Aplix, hook and loop, whatever it’s called) and ALL IN ONES! (bumGenius Freetimes are a GREAT daddy diaper!) Don’t ask him to stuff pockets, fold prefolds, or maneuver flats and snappis. Have the diapers ready to go, so all he has to do is wrangle the baby. If the baby is wet, no need to remove an insert, just throw it in the pail. If there’s a poop situation…well…maybe you should just start slow. Poop is scary. (Or invest in some disposable liners to make it less messy.)

3. Focus on the cost savings. – This may be hard to do if you use both cloth and disposables, because it won’t be as obvious that you’re saving money. Here’s a great comparison chart, though! Try buying your cloth diapers secondhand to make it more cost-effective. (You can buy gently used diapers on sites like Kelly’s Closet, and there are a million CD swap boards on Facebook!) Also, mention the option to resell cloth diapers once your little one has outgrown them! (Can’t do that with diapers that are in the garbage!)

Good luck, and happy diapering!!

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