Fresh Start for Spring – Cloth Diaper Organization

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of moms asking, “What’s the best way to organize my cloth diapers?” Obviously, the answer is different for everyone, but here’s what works for us…and you get to see pictures of my (rarely) organized stash!

fresh start - cd org

My setup consists of two dressers. Back when {Hunter} was teeny tiny, the top of the large dresser was our changing station. Now, we just use the floor.

fresh start - dressers

The small dresser is where the diapers are stored. The intention was that I would keep my stash minimalized enough that if I had more diapers than fit in these three drawers, I had too many. But let’s be honest…that’s not happening here. The overflow usually ends up in a laundry basket. 😛

The top drawer holds diaper covers, Flip inserts, wet bags, and pocket diapers. I keep these in the top drawer because they have the most pieces that can be scattered all over the room, and little man can’t quite reach them yet. So, they are safe…for now.

fresh start - top drawer

The middle drawer is my Swaddlebees AIOs and some hybrid fitteds, and the bottom drawer is more hybrids and overnight diapers. (Which provides easy access should we need to do a change in middle of the night.)

fresh start - middle bottom

  • Tip #1: Organize your stash by type, so you’re not digging around trying to find something to put inside that cover while your baby is wandering around bottomless (unless you feel like cleaning up a mess).
  • Tip #2: Make sure your diapers are ready to “grab and go”. Put baby down. Dirty diaper off, clean diaper on, done. Diaper changes are hard enough with an older baby/toddler. Don’t complicate things by having to hold him down while you try to snap in an insert, stuff a pocket, etc.

So…now, that you’re all organized, do you have empty spaces in your dresser/cart/laundry basket that need to be filled? Join the fun in the Kelly’s Closet Easter Egg Hunt for your chance to win more diapers!


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  1. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    I have 2 green Bumgenius that I think will be perfect with some legwarmers and a white button down

    • practicalgrnmom says:

      I love the bumGenius greens. Both grasshopper and ribbit are perfect spring colors!

  2. Mindy @The Inquisitive Mom says:

    Ooh. Gorgeous stash and organization! I love the font you’re using for your pics too.

  3. Heather Hope says:

    I can’t wait until we move and I can get my stash organized! Baby arrives this summer, and I’m developing a cloth diaper addiction (I mean, I’m totally focused on getting everything ready for baby) (same thing, right? haha)

  4. A Sustainablebabyish forage print would be perfect!

  5. Alvina Castro Mountain says:

    With two in cloth and limited space I am always looking for new storage and organization tools and yours rock. Love them!!!

  6. Not sure what baby#4 will be so something neutral for now,lol.

  7. Would like something in pastel colors.

  8. Anything in bright fun colors! i.e. the Ribbit or bright blue from BumGenius.

  9. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! Great organization of the cloth diapers too =)

  10. Love the bright colours!

  11. Spring green or light blue will go great with my sons sweatervest outfit 🙂

  12. Thank you! 🙂

  13. Something pastel

  14. I love looking at cloth diaper organization!!!


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