Fresh Start for Spring – Controlling Clothing Chaos {Part 1}

If you’re a Facebook Fan, you know that yesterday was devoted to cleaning out my son’s dresser and closet, and packing away or donating his outgrown clothes.

Part one of Controlling Clothing Chaos will explain my decluttering process, and part two will be about the storage aspect.

fresh start - clothing - part 1

First, before you tackle any decluttering – make sure all laundry is put away. (This will make part two easier, trust me!)

fresh start - laundry - 3.12

I started with the dresser, because it has less stuff to weed through. Now that it’s March and the weather is warming up, the bottom drawer of blankets seemed unecessary…so they are packed into an underbed storage box. Still easy to access, but not taking up unneeded space. Unfortunately, the box is too tall to fit under the crib, so it is being stored under my bed for now.

fresh start - dresser 1

Next, I pulled all of the winter pajamas out of the second drawer. Once I realized that doing that only left a few sets of spring/summer PJs, I decided to use that space for something else, and set them aside for relocation.

The top drawer of the large dresser (socks, thermometer, diaper creams, etc.) remained unchanged. The now empty second and bottom drawer of the large dresser became home to my cloth diapers, and the small dresser now has a few PJs (and two empty drawers!)

fresh start - dressers - 3.12

Now…to the closet. As {Hunter} outgrows things, I usually sort them into plastic containers like these and store them on the top shelf of the closet. That way, things that are the same size and season tend to already be together, which makes part two of the process easier.

fresh start - containers - 3.12

However, I only have 4 containers, and once they were full…this happened…

fresh start - closet 1 - 3.12

So, it was a little bit of a process to get everything grouped together for storage, but it gave me a chance to go through all of his clothes and decide what I really wanted to keep for our next child.

Stay tuned for PART TWO to see how I store everything!

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  1. very motivating thanks!

    • practicalgrnmom says:

      You’re welcome! I’ll be honest, it’s quite an undertaking if you do it all at once (and definitely something you want to do when you don’t have the kids trying to “help” the whole time), but you will feel SO much better when you see the final product!
      The first time I did this with his newborn-6 month stuff, I kept pretty much everything (except clothes that were really stained), and I divided it up even beyond size and season into boys and unisex (that way it’s easy to pull out what can be worn by a girl in case we have a daughter next time). This time there wasn’t really anything unisex enough to bother separating it like that, though. And I was much more selective about what went in to storage and what went in the donation pile. When I finally have to drag all of this stuff out again to use it, I’m sure there will be more weeding/donating, especially if it’s summer and I have a 6 month old, because all my 6 month clothing is winter. lol


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