PGM Updates – Re: New Blogger FTC Guidelines

Due to a recent incident, I feel the need to discuss some changes being made here at The Practically Green Mom.

Back in March, the FTC made some updates to their guidelines regarding disclosure of online advertising. For bloggers specifically, this applies when we receive products to review or publish a sponsored post. (Don’t worry, Canadians…this only applies to bloggers in the U.S.)

So, basically, I have to tell you UPFRONT when I’ve received a product from a company to review, or (on the rare occasion) when a company asks me to post an article with links promoting a product in exchange for compensation.

You may have noticed that I’m already doing this, at the bottom of each post…in teeny tiny font, as to not disrupt the content itself. But that’s not good enough, anymore…

Now, you will see any of the following on all applicable posts – a clear indicator stating if a product was purchased by me, a press sample, contains affiliate links, was sponsored, or any combination of those four options. (I will be going through and updating old posts as time permits).

Edited (5/6/13): So, my genius plan of including button images with links to disclose at the top of the posts is unacceptable…back to square one. 🙁

In addition, a full disclosure will remain at the bottom with a link to my disclosure policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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