21 months

Little Man –

Everyday you amaze me with the new things you are learning and doing! I still can’t believe you are almost two!

This month’s focus has really been on colors and animals. Your favorite color is yellow, and you can name a lot of yellow things – banana, bus, duck, etc. You also know a lot of animals and can make their sounds (“Lion! Raaar!”), but sometimes you will use the sound to name the animal (“Hoo Hoo” is Owl, “Arf Arf” is Dog). And for what it’s worth, you know the names of most of the characters on Yo Gabba Gabba…I’m sure that will come in handy some day!

You’re also beginning to speak in short sentences like “Where’d it go?” and “Thank you!”, and (amazingly) can count to three!!

You are such a smart little guy, and I love you so much!

~ Mommy

21 month milestones (from Baby Center):

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Can walk up steps- Yes
  • Enjoys helping around the house – Absolutely, especially putting things in the dryer!
  • Can set simple goals (e.g. deciding to put a toy in a certain place) – Yep

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Can throw a ball overhand – Been there, done that!
  • Can kick a ball forward – Been there, done that! (He’s going to play soccer, I just know it!)
  • Can make building brick towers/stack blocks – Yep

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Names simple pictures in a book (ie: dog, cat) – Yep
  • Can make short sentences (ie: “Me go”) – He just recently started this.
  • Can walk down stairs – Not as confidently as walking up stairs, but he’s getting the hang of it.
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