Summer in Seattle – Day 1

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I was in Seattle for a girls weekend last week. These are the highlights of my trip! (Pictures or it didn’t happen, right?!) I’ve decided to split this into three posts, just because it’s going to be EPIC otherwise! **P.S. I am not receiving compensation for posting any of the following links – only sharing my experience!**

We all flew into Seattle on Friday morning, and while we were waiting to check into our condo, we explored the Pike Place Market. OMG – so much awesome! I had to take a picture of the original Starbucks, of course. (Forget going inside, though…the line was out the door and down the street!) We stopped at Pike Place Chowder for some lunch, followed by gelato at Bottega Italiana. A quick trip back to the market for some fresh fish and produce to prepare Saturday night’s dinner (we opted to actually make some use of the kitchen in our condo), and we were ready to get settled in to our home for the next few days.

If you ever visit the Seattle area, and need a bigger place to stay, check out Sea to Sky Rentals! They have several locations available to rent, but our party of five stayed in Centennial Tower. The location was FANTASTIC! I couldn’t get enough of the view! (It’s even more amazing at night!)

Once we got settled in, it was dinner time. We drove down to the pier for some yummy seafood at Elliot’s Oyster House. Luckily, we decided to spring for valet parking, because parking at the pier was a mess. Dinner ran pretty late (as you would expect on a Friday evening, so keep that in mind if you’re so hungry you could eat your arm!) Rather than ride the Ferris Wheel (not that I would have anyway – heights and I do not mix), we headed back to the condo to get some much needed sleep.

Seattle Day 1


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  1. You got some beautiful pictures. I’ve never been to Seattle and can’t wait to see the other pics and read the posts. Happy Saturday!


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