Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Review {Sponsor Spotlight}

I’ve been curious about wool dryer balls for a while now, but I just hadn’t gotten around to trying them out. So, when Woolzies contacted me about sending me a set for free to review, I was all Heck yeah, I finally get to see what all the fuss is about!! 🙂

But, let’s back up. What ARE wool dryer balls? In a nutshell, they are a natural alternative to fabric softener sheets with a lot of perks! Think about the chemicals that are in traditional dryer sheets (like the ones that give them that “fresh linen scent”). They’re probably not good to have on the clothes that you and your children wear all day. And even if the “greener” brands are less “chemically”, they’re way expensive! Wool dryer balls do the same job (softening/de-wrinkling/unstatic-ing) your clothes in LESS time for LESS money!


    In summary – Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls:

  • are made with 100% pure wool.
  • help eliminate wrinkles and static.
  • can reduce drying time by 25%.
  • are guaranteed to last for over 1,000 loads.

I waited impatiently for the washer to finish. I hung up the AI2 covers to air dry, and threw the inserts in the dryer with 4 dryer balls. (I didn’t think it was necessary to use all 6 with such a small load, but I guess you could if you wanted!) You should not use regular fabric softener sheets when drying cloth diapers, because the oils and chemicals on the sheet will cause build-up on your diapers and affect absorbency. Wool dryer balls don’t have these oils/chemicals, so they are cloth diaper approved!


Usually, it takes two cycles on high to get these inserts dry, because they’re made to be super absorbent. (Obviously…they ARE diapers!) But, after just one cycle on high heat with the wool dryer balls, the inserts were completely dry! They aren’t kidding when they say these will reduce drying time. (Obviously, it will take longer with a larger load, but I’m still super impressed!) Those old dryer sheets are going in the trash, and I’ll use Woolzies on all of my laundry from now on!

Interested in trying some for yourself? Be sure to check out the giveaway starting Tuesday, October 29th for a chance to win your own set of Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls!

{Woolzies provided me with a 6 pack of wool dryer balls in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.}

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