“I Ate Coin”

Guess where we were yesterday…


Yep, the hospital!  Little man had his first ambulance ride, ER visit, and surgery in less than 12 hours, at not quite 2 and a half years old.

Long story short, he ate a quarter. (Ironically, the child in the bed next to us in the ER was a one year old who swallowed a penny.)

When the EMT asked little man what happened, he said, “I ate coin.”  So, at least on some level, he knew why he was there…

We stayed in the hospital overnight Thursday, and they did surgery Friday morning.  (The quarter was in his esophagus, so they just went down his throat and pulled it out.  It could have been much worse!)  We were discharged a few hours later, and he’s doing just fine now.

My sister thinks he should be a piggy bank for Halloween this year, like Hamm in Toy Story. Lol


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  1. scary!! glad he’s okay!

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