Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

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Just a couple of weeks into the new school year, and we’ve already had a cold make the rounds through the house. If you’re dealing with the same thing, or just want to be prepared, here are my favorite oils to use during cold and flu season.

To help relieve nasal and chest congestion:

Eucalyptus and Peppermint (both in doTerra’s Breathe blend) are the most popular anti-congestion oils, but neither are safe for kids (especially Eucalyptus). Rosalina has similar properties to Eucalyptus, but is safe for children. Cypress would also be a suitable alternative.

For ear ache and congestion:

When a cold strikes, the first thing that I notice is that my ears are uncomfortable. If that’s the case for you or your kids, Ear Ease is a pre-diluted oil that can be used with children 2 and up. (Please follow all safety precautions on the label regarding ear infections and tubes.)

To fight germs:

Cinnamon and Clove are well known anti-germ oils. Is it just a coincidence that they are both popular holiday scents, as well? Cinnamon bark is not safe for use on anyone’s skin, but Cinnamon LEAF can be used in small quanities if dilluted properly. Clove Bud and Clove Leaf can cause skin irritation as well, if not properly diluted.

Unfortunately, products like Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter blend and doTerra’s OnGuard which are marketed heavily during cold and flu season are not safe for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. And because they contain Eucalyptus, they are not safe for children under age 10. Consider Plant Therapy’s Germ Destroyer as a safer alternative.

I prefer to use my oils in a diffuser, but they can also be used topically, in a personal inhaler, or with essential oil jewelry. As always, follow the safety guidelines for whichever method you choose.

In addition to essential oils, I also boost my immune system with elderberry syrup (which has been shown to reduce the length and severity of illness), and a quality probiotic.

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