Son #1 – 6th Birthday Interview

When my son was three, I decided that it would be fun to do an interview with him every year to see how his likes change as he grows. 🙂  (He was the Star Student of the week in his Kindergarten class recently, and it reminded me that we never did this back in August…oops!)

His answers are in bold, my comments are in parentheses/italics.

  • How old are you?: six
  • What makes you happy?: my friends and my iPad
  • What is your favorite animal?: Our cat
  • What is your favorite color?: gold
  • What is your favorite thing to eat?: anything sweet
  • What is your least favorite thing to eat?: lemons
  • What is your favorite thing to do?: play outside with my friends
  • What is your favorite TV show?: Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • What is your favorite movie?: Wild Kratts Alaska
  • What are you really good at?: Math
  • What is your favorite song?: Radioactive
  • What do you and Mom do together?: Homework
  • What do you and Dad do together?: Wrestle
  • What is your favorite book?: Pokemon
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?: A dinosaur hunter

Previous interviews: five / four / three

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