Fresh Start for Spring – Controlling Clothing Chaos {Part 2}


So, after sorting everything into piles of size and season (ie: 6-9 months winter clothing), it was time to pack everything up to store in the attic. If you don’t have an attic or basement with ample storage space, my system may not work for you, but I’m sure it can be adapted to work on a smaller scale.

fresh start - clothing pt 2 - 3.14

I started with a large plastic tub, and some space bags. I’m not sure if the space bags really conserve space, but I had them, so I used them. Each bag was packed with clothing from a specific size range/season and labeled accordingly.

fresh start - packing - 3.14

The ziploc bags were perfect for storing and labeling smaller items, like shoes and socks.

fresh start - shoes - 3.14

The tub is about half full of 6-12 month items. Since we’re still in some 12-18 month clothing, I put the latest outgrown items in the smaller plastic containers for closet storage until later. I think at this rate, I can use the same tub to store all of his 6-18 month stuff. 🙂

fresh start - containers 2 - 3.14

Now the closet is all cleaned out, and I’ve started making a list of items that we need for this summer. Mostly shorts and sandals. I think we’re good on t-shirts. Maybe another pair or two of PJs.

fresh start - cleancloset - 3.14

Ahhh…look at all of that empty space. So refreshing!!

Happy organizing!!

Fresh Start for Spring – Controlling Clothing Chaos {Part 1}

If you’re a Facebook Fan, you know that yesterday was devoted to cleaning out my son’s dresser and closet, and packing away or donating his outgrown clothes.

Part one of Controlling Clothing Chaos will explain my decluttering process, and part two will be about the storage aspect.

fresh start - clothing - part 1

First, before you tackle any decluttering – make sure all laundry is put away. (This will make part two easier, trust me!)

fresh start - laundry - 3.12

I started with the dresser, because it has less stuff to weed through. Now that it’s March and the weather is warming up, the bottom drawer of blankets seemed unecessary…so they are packed into an underbed storage box. Still easy to access, but not taking up unneeded space. Unfortunately, the box is too tall to fit under the crib, so it is being stored under my bed for now.

fresh start - dresser 1

Next, I pulled all of the winter pajamas out of the second drawer. Once I realized that doing that only left a few sets of spring/summer PJs, I decided to use that space for something else, and set them aside for relocation.

The top drawer of the large dresser (socks, thermometer, diaper creams, etc.) remained unchanged. The now empty second and bottom drawer of the large dresser became home to my cloth diapers, and the small dresser now has a few PJs (and two empty drawers!)

fresh start - dressers - 3.12

Now…to the closet. As {Hunter} outgrows things, I usually sort them into plastic containers like these and store them on the top shelf of the closet. That way, things that are the same size and season tend to already be together, which makes part two of the process easier.

fresh start - containers - 3.12

However, I only have 4 containers, and once they were full…this happened…

fresh start - closet 1 - 3.12

So, it was a little bit of a process to get everything grouped together for storage, but it gave me a chance to go through all of his clothes and decide what I really wanted to keep for our next child.

Stay tuned for PART TWO to see how I store everything!

Wall decals GALORE!

I love wall decals. Just in case I haven’t mentioned that before. I really do. We have one in {Hunter}’s room. So EASY. So CUTE!

Then, I saw this…

It’s a chalkboard DECAL!!!!!!!! No chalkboard paint (that makes me nervous, I can’t explain it!), just stick it on the wall and WRITE AWAY!

You want one too now, don’t you? Well, my friend Bren, is giving away a $50 Gift Card to Wise Decor where you can find this awesome decal and more!! Head on over, and enter today!!

Wordless Wednesday – My new kitchen!

(Original cabinets and appliances, but the granite countertop and tile backsplash is new.)

new kitchen

new kitchen

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