Festive Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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Happy Thanksgiving week to those in the US! If you’re looking for essential oils to diffuse this holiday, this spicy citrus blend is one of my favorites!

Fill your diffuser with water (as directed) and add:

3 drops Tangerine
2 drops Lemon
1 drop Clove

This blend is safe to diffuse around children two and older, but Clove is not considered safe to use around dogs and cats.

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Hello October!

We are officially into fall. (As much “fall” as we get around here.) The weather is slightly cooler (at least we can take evening walks without sweating!), and my Starbucks Fall favorites addiction is in full swing.

Have you tried the Salted Caramel Mocha yet?! O. M. G!!!!!!!!!! I think it might have taken the place of my coveted Pumpkin Spice latte. (Shocking, I know! And no, Starbucks isn’t paying me to say any of this.)

I’m sorry I don’t have a more thought-provoking post tonight. (Actually, have I ever?! LOL) I just hate for there to be a huge lapse in posts (and no, the “follow me on Bloglovin!” post doesn’t count! Though, really…you should follow me!) I’m just having a bit of writer’s block lately, but I’ll be back up to speed soon.

ANYWAY! Lots of exciting things coming to the blog in the next few months (including a giveaway or two!), so stay tuned!

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