7 Money Saving Hacks When Travelling With Children

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If you wait until your children graduate to go on vacation, you are likely to get a little crazy before then. Travelling makes for valuable family bonding time, and everyone can use a change of scenery once in a while. Travelling with children is always going to be a little more complicated and expensive than travelling alone, but it doesn’t need to feel impossible. Just change the way you plan and make a few extra considerations.

  1. Find Free Things to Do

Children have more of a concept of fun than they do of money. No matter where you go, there’s likely to be free (or cheap) things for your kids to do. Some destinations across the world have children’s museums, playgrounds, and even waterparks that are free. If you spend a few days devoted to these free activities, your budget will go much further.

  1. Buy Groceries

When you’re eating out, dinner for two every night can get really expensive. Dinner for four or more is almost astronomically pricey. When you get to your destination, find a grocery store. Stock up on staples (things like snacks and juice boxes) that you ordinarily go through quickly. Buying shelf stable things like peanut butter, bread, and fruit is always a good plan. You can pack picnic lunches for days where your family wants to explore nature.

  1. Economize on Accomodations

Fitting  your whole family in an entire hotel room can feel like a logistical nightmare. Because of this, you might opt for a suite. Accommodations become super expensive, especially if you’re going to be gone for a while. It might be more economically efficient to opt for a short term rental. You’ll have more space, and you won’t pay nearly as much. You might even be able to stay away for longer.

  1. Buy Reusable Containers

Think of all the toiletries and small things that your children will need to carry with them. Every time you travel, you need to buy more. Instead, buy everyone their own set of refillable bottles. Whenever you want to travel, you can pack from your supply at home and use the bottles indefinitely. It’s better for the planet, and it’s better for your budget in the long run.

  1. Book Your Flights in Advance

Almost every airline requires passengers over the age of 2 to have a full priced adult ticket. If you’re going somewhere you can’t reasonably access by land transportation, buy those plane tickets months in advance. Tickets are always at their cheapest when you book them far ahead of time. As the departure date grows closer, tickets might even double in price.

  1. Take Advantage of The Time They Sleep

No matter how you’re getting to your destination, it might be wise to plan your travel time for when your kids are asleep. You’d be surprised how much time and money this can save you. If you’re flying on a plane, it may not make a difference. If you’re going by car, you’ll find that you’ll be less likely to have to pull over for bathroom stops, snacks, or things to entertain your children when they get restless. You’ll get better gas mileage and spend less on impulse purchases along the way.

  1. Coupon Everywhere

Groupon and other sites like it exist in almost every country. No matter where you’re going, you’ll probably be able to find discounts on things like food and entertainment through couponing sites or apps. Try to make your plans around what discounts are available. You might even be able to find deals where kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal.


While you might need a much larger budget and a much more flexible schedule to travel with your children, you won’t have to wait on a huge inheritance to be able to spend a week on the beach. If you’re thrifty and clever at home, you can be thrifty and clever anywhere.



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Hurricane Harvey

Just over a week ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast. We were very fortunate, but so many still need your help. If you are looking for somewhere other than national organizations to donate to, there are plenty of local groups needing monetary assistance to help those displaced by floodwaters.

Austin Pets Alive – They have rescued over 1,700 animals displaced by the hurricane in the Houston area, and transported them to temporary shelters while they try to reunite them with their owners.

Church of the King – 100% of donations to the Harvey Relief Fund go straight to relief efforts and people in need.

Clothed by Faith


Harris County Public Library – I know a few of their library branches suffered damage. I do not have information regarding monetary donations at the time of posting, but I will update if that option becomes available.

Houston Food Bank – Donations will be used for disaster relief until this year’s needs are met, and the remaining funds will support ongoing hunger-relief efforts.

The J.J. Watt Foundation

Second Baptist Church – 100% of donations to the Flood Relief fund go to those in need.

In addition to families that were displaced, several schools suffered significant damage, and teachers are having to resupply their classrooms in temporary locations. If you would prefer to donate to them, here’s the list I have so far. I will update as I have more information.

In addition to the Texas Gulf Coast, the Carribean has been devistated by Hurricane Maria.  Many animals have been abandoned, and your help is needed to save these innocent victims. 

Thank you for your support!

Save Money with Green Home Upgrades

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Green home improvement is a hot topic these days. With the cost of water rising throughout much of the country and energy policies facing an uncertain future, more homeowners than ever before are showing an interest in energy-saving remodeling projects and upgrades. The following infographic explains energy saving upgrades that will put money back into your pocket within two years.


How Families Plan their Budget

** I received compensation for sharing this information.

Some people think that it’s impossible to plan their budget, but it’s actually a rather important process, because you have to secure your family members financially.

Budget planning helps to find unnecessary expenses, and also to realize how much money you need for certain things. Your family budget will show you what part of income comes to the house and what stays outside of it. Such information helps to build a system of savings.

For example, with a family budget you can understand how exactly it’s possible to save money for college for your children. Start your budget planning by researching your income. Calculate your salary, dividends, and any other money you have accurred. Compare income sums each month. You’ll see when this number was the largest and when it was the smallest. Try to figure out all changes in your income and find reasons of them. If you want to increase your budget, there are always available loans from online lenders. Type “easy loans” into a search engine and check such offers.

Define main expenses of your family. They are usually things like car payments, medical bills, groceries, utilities and housing. We can’t live without such expenses today. Knowing the amount of your main expenses helps to realize the amount of money you spend outside your house, so you’ll be able to reduce them if you want to start saving money for something. It’s also important to plan your spending properly. Planning of your family budget will let you find out the amount of money that you can economize. You can make a bank account for your savings, or to keep them at home. It depends on the sum and on
a purpose of this money. If you save money for your child, it’s better to keep it in a bank account in your child’s name. Make a proper plan of your family budget, and you’ll see that it’s easier to live with full information about your finances.

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So this is where all of my money goes…

A visual breakdown of a child’s expenses from birth to age 18…

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