The World of Wool – Part 1: My New-Found Love

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For a long time, I was nervous about venturing in to the world of wool. So many cloth diapering mamas I knew would rave about it, but it just seemed like SO MUCH WORK!

Then, all of our nighttime diaper options became ineffective. Leaks everywhere, multiple sheet changes…so we resorted to using disposables at night again. The leaks were contained! And THEN…

One morning I came in to Little Man’s room to get him ready for the day, and HE WAS NOT WEARING A DIAPER! Awesome. (Luckily, the bedding was still clean and dry!)

So, I decided to give wool a try. I could always resell them if I didn’t like them, right? (Benefit 13546353 to cloth diapers!)

Let me tell you…everything I previously thought about wool is WRONG! I LOVE IT! These covers fit like a glove, we have had NO LEAKS!


(Sorry for the dark picture – he would run away whenever he saw the flash…lol)

The wool we’re currently using is a work-at-home mom brand called Chelory. I use her wool-in-two cover, with a night-solution insert and a wool doubler underneath. It works fantastically for us overnight!

If you already have fitteds and are just looking for wool covers to try, Sustainablebabyish (aka: Sloomb) makes very popular covers, shorties, and longies in gorgeous colors!

A bonus of the shorties and longies? They are both a cover AND pants – you don’t need an extra cover in between!

Image via Kelly's Closet and Sustainablebabyish

Image via Kelly’s Closet and Sustainablebabyish

Some of you may be looking at the prices in shock, but keep in mind that you probably only need 3-4 covers, making wool a very economical choice! As long as the wool is not soiled or stinky – it doesn’t have to be washed after every wear!

Next time – how to wash your wool diapers!

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Cloth Diaper Snob

I’ve joked many times on my blog and Facebook about overhauling my CD stash. My stash is kind of like a revolving door. I find one brand I like and we use them for a while, then I’m introduced to something else that I like even better, and I’m desperately trying to sell what I have to fund something new. (One of the benefits of using cloth – the option for resale!!)

When I first started looking into CDing, it was about cost savings. (As it probably is for most people.) What can I get for cheap that will justify doing this? So I bought a lot of the secondhand items, and “cheaper” brands, but now…

I think I’m becoming a Cloth Diaper SNOB!

I don’t mean to say that I’m one of those “Cloth diapers are REAL diapers…why would you put trash on your baby’s butt?!” ladies, because it’s a known fact that I use disposables on occasion.

But, cloth diapering is not about saving money anymore…it’s a HOBBY! I may have a small obsession with hybrid fitteds, and I am collecting them like you would “collect all 4” toys in a cereal box! (I’m supporting work-at-home moms and American made products, though! That’s good, right?!)

So, how big IS my stash now? It’s probably not that crazy, because I am pretty good about selling what we’re not using anymore…but here’s what it looks like.  I currently have 10 hybrid fitteds (2 not pictured),  9 AIO/AI2s, 4 pockets, and 10 covers.  (With more on the way…oops!)

I think it’s safe to say that it no longer fits in a laundry basket…lol


You remember the stash post I did just the other day?

Yeah, you can disregard that. lol

I’m in the process of selling a lot of those to fund some new (well, new to me) fitteds and fleece for nighttime, as well as a few more Charlie Banana pockets (and maybe another Simplex 2.0?)

The FuzziBunz are just too small now. I’ve been trying to pretend that they’re not, but it’s true. And I’ve lost the love for my one lone BG 4.0. So they have to go.

I also think I’ll be selling my Yo Gabba Gabba diaper. He’s worn it twice and has already figured out how to take it off. If it was one-size, I’d keep it for baby #2, but it’s a large. 🙁

Do you find yourself trying and loving different brands as your child gets older, or do you stick to one or two of your favorites throughout their time in diapers?

My current CD stash!

In an effort to “minimalize” my cloth diaper stash, I have managed to pare it down enough to fit all of them in one laundry basket!

{Minus a Pooters hemp fitted, a Flip cover in Grasshopper, and a Glowbug in Black.}

Top Row (L to R):

Second Row (L to R):

Third Row (L to R):

Fourth Row (L to R):

  • Glowbug – Blue, Green
  • FuzziBunz Elite – White, Tootie Frootie, Watermelon, Spearmint, Kumquat, Light it Up Blue

I do have a few more on the way, including a new Rumparooz in Preppy!!

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Cloth diapering – one year later

WE DID IT!  We cloth diapered for (almost) a YEAR!  (Nanny nanny boo boo to everyone who said we wouldn’t make it six WEEKS!  lol)

And before anyone asks, yes, we will will continue using cloth through potty training.  (I am very excited about the new Flip trainers on the market!)

Since my last “official” cloth post was a while ago, we’ve obviously updated our stash and routine a little.  (For the record, diapering (cloth or otherwise) a mobile baby = huge pain in the BUTT!  I miss the newborn stage, sometimes!)

First of all, we’ve (obviously) moved on to one-size fits all diapers.

Our stash is still mostly pockets, including:

  • bumGenius 4.0  – We have both snaps and velcro in these, and we prefer the velcro.  They’re much easier to wrangle on to a squirmy baby, and I feel like we get a better fit with the flexibility of the velcro.  We also have a couple of the new bumGenius Freetime, which are awesome! They have the convenience of an all-in-one without taking a million years to dry!  (We have the Albert print, which is super cute!)
  • FuzziBunz – A lot of people are surprised when I say these are my favorite pocket diaper.  Despite our preference for velcro over snaps (these are only available with snap closure), we get the best fit with these!  I love the adjustable, replaceable (no sewing required!) elastic.  The only time we ever have leaks is when the size needs to be adjusted, which takes a little time and can require some trial and error, but I still {heart} them.  My only concern is that these may not adjust large enough for our boy to keep wearing before he starts potty training.  🙁
  • Happy Heinys  – I’m not crazy about these.  There are too many snaps to deal with, and I always feel like I can’t get them tight enough.  (This may be an issue of elastic wearing out.)

Lately though, I’ve tended to gravitate more toward Flip hybrid diapers to avoid stuffing pockets because my diaper laundry constantly looks like this!  (Those are all pockets waiting to be stuffed.  The inserts are in there somewhere…)

I also like the disposable insert option, which is great when we’re out running errands.

We’ve also started adding a liner in the diapers to handle the “twosies”.  A lot of people use a diaper sprayer, but I just could not get on that bandwagon.  (And they’re kind of pricey!)  So, instead, I bought a set of six rolls of CuteyBaby liners.  They work pretty well, but the liners do get bunched up in the diapers on occassion, which can make things a little messy…

For the most part, the diapers are holding up very well after almost a year.  I only bought a few of them brand new (most were pre-loved), so I find that pretty impressive.  The velcro is pilling a little, but still very sticky, and all of the snaps are still intact.  We’ve had to retire a couple because the elastic was shot, though. I should mention that we do not CD full-time, because of daycare, but they get plenty of wear in the evenings and on the weekends.

We’ve been using the same wash routine since the beginning.  I start off with a cold soak and a few squirts of BioKleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator, then a hot wash/cold rinse with Planet detergent, followed by a second rinse.  Then everything but the diaper covers (Flips and Best Bottoms) goes in the dryer on medium.  The pockets are always dry when I take them out, but sometimes the inserts need another drying cycle on hot.  We have hard water, and using this routine, we have not had any issues with repelling or leaks.  I haven’t needed to strip my diapers, either.

Here’s to another year of less diapers in the trash, and cute fluffy butt pictures of my boy!

{I am receiving no compensation for my reviews on these products.  This has just been my experience with these particular diapers and laundry products.  All babies are different, and what works for us may not work for you.  This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclosure policy for more information.}

Wordless Wednesday – I’m a genius!

Scooter sporting his new bumGenius Freetime diaper in Albert.

More fluffy mail on the way!

Cotton Babies is having a sale on BG All-in-Ones.  They are “seconds”, meaning there are minor cosmetic defects, but the diapers are fully functional.  I just ordered 6 XS and 6 Small diapers for $6 each!  🙂

My CD stash – 2010

The last of the diapers that I ordered on Cyber Monday came in today, so I can finally do a stash post!  Here are all of the diapers I’ve collected this year (with the exception of the 36 Indian Prefolds I bought recently…because they aren’t very cute!)

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