3 Year Old Birthday Interview

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In case you missed my previous post, I have a “threenager”! I decided now that he’s old enough to (more or less) answer me when I ask questions, that it would be fun to do an interview with him every year to see how his likes change as he grows. 🙂

I borrowed these questions from A Beautiful Ruckus. After browsing Pinterest for an hour, hers were my favorite and, in my opinion, most able to grow with a child through the years. A couple of pins I found asked things like, “What do you take to bed with you every night?” and “What do you think about when you go to sleep?” Ummm…I will NOT ask my son that at 16. lol

His answers are in bold, my comments are in parentheses/italics.

  • How old are you?: Triangle! (A triangle has three sides…so…that kind of counts?)
  • What makes you happy?: Cars do
  • What is your favorite animal?: Crocodile, see like this “chomp chomp”
  • What is your favorite color?: Green (He was looking at something green, so we’ll just go with it.)
  • What is your favorite thing to eat?: Orange Strawberries (He does love strawberries.)
  • What is your least favorite thing to eat?: Broccomoni (Broccoli)
  • What is your favorite thing to do?: Play cars 
  • What is your favorite TV show?: Ankylosaurus (His favorite dinosaur on Dinosaur Train. I thought he would say that for favorite animal, too.)
  • What is your favorite movie?: (He doesn’t have the patience to sit through an entire movie!)
  • What are you really good at?: Race cars
  • What is your favorite song?: EIEIO (Old MacDonald)
  • What do you and Mom do together?: You wanna color with my paper.  (We were coloring at the time.)
  • What do you and Dad do together?: First he wants to take the trash out with me.  (Daddy was going to take the trash out, and he wanted to help.)
  • What is your favorite book?: Dogs dinosaur skeleton (See Me Run by Paul Meisel. Dogs dig up a dinosaur skeleton that chases them. It’s a really cute story!)
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?: *stares blankly* (I reword the question “What do you want to be when you’re big like Daddy?”)  Littler (of course!)

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I Have a “Threenager”!

Little man –

We survived the “terrible twos”! It’s been a tough year with lots of big changes for you, but overall you’ve been an awesome kid! You’ve really gotten the hang of potty training within the last couple of weeks (no accidents, yay!), which is a HUGE milestone! I’m so proud of you!

You are “fast and fearless”, just like your shirt says in the picture below. 100% all boy – you love to get messy and are into EVERYTHING! And people wonder why I only have one child…lol

We’ve decided not to put you in preschool this year, but you and I will be working at home on letters, numbers, etc. so you will be ready for Pre-K next fall. There will be plenty of opportunities for socialization, though! Swim lessons, storytime at the library, and you start gymnastics classes next week. 🙂

I’m a little nervous about this “threenager” stage, but I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for you!

Love you lots and lots!

~ Mommy


Current stats:

weight: 36.5 lb.
height: 39 in.

Shorts: 2T
Shirts: 2T or 3T depending on the brand
Shoes: Size 7

Likes – bananas, strawberries, goldfish crackers, raisins, turkey, cheese
Dislikes – anything green or remotely resembling a veggie lol

We’re also starting a yearly birthday interview! Check out that post here!

“I Ate Coin”

Guess where we were yesterday…


Yep, the hospital!  Little man had his first ambulance ride, ER visit, and surgery in less than 12 hours, at not quite 2 and a half years old.

Long story short, he ate a quarter. (Ironically, the child in the bed next to us in the ER was a one year old who swallowed a penny.)

When the EMT asked little man what happened, he said, “I ate coin.”  So, at least on some level, he knew why he was there…

We stayed in the hospital overnight Thursday, and they did surgery Friday morning.  (The quarter was in his esophagus, so they just went down his throat and pulled it out.  It could have been much worse!)  We were discharged a few hours later, and he’s doing just fine now.

My sister thinks he should be a piggy bank for Halloween this year, like Hamm in Toy Story. Lol


Look who’s TWO!

Little man –

We celebrated your second birthday this past weekend. (Just a small get-together with family, but you had a blast!) Oh, how are lives have changed of the past couple of years…

I just can’t believe how much you have grown up since your first birthday! You are a SUPER active kid, and you talk ALL. THE. TIME. (I have NO idea where you get that from! lol) You are definitely more social than I imagine your father and I were at this age. It’s really fun to see you interacting with other kids. A few days ago, when I dropped you off at daycare, you went right up to another boy in your class and said “HI!” and waved! It was so cute!

You love being outside, playing with trucks or a ball, and playing “fetch” with the dogs. You are quite artistic, too! Your finger paints of choice are applesauce or yogurt…all over the table…and any other furniture you manage to touch on the way to the sink to get cleaned up.

I’m so excited to see what adventures the next year has in store!

I love you SO much!

~ Mommy

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!

Current stats: {as of 9/30/13}

weight: 29 lb.
height: 34 in.

Shorts: 18 months {I imagine 18 month PANTS would be too short now, though.}
Shirts: 24 months-2T
Shoes: Size 6
Diapers (when he’s in disposables): Size 4

Likes – Cheese, chicken, applesauce, strawberries
Dislikes – Red meat, most veggies (unless I hide them in something else)

24 month milestones (from Baby Center):

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Can name at least six body parts on a doll – Yep
  • Half of speech is understandable – Definitely
  • Can make short sentences – Been there, done that!

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Starts talking about self – BTDT
  • Can arrange things in categories – Kind of.
  • Can walk down stairs – Yep

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Begins to understand abstract concepts like sooner and later – Not really.
  • Becomes attuned to gender differences – I don’t think he’s there just yet.
  • Learns to jump – YES! That’s why my in-laws got him a TRAMPOLINE!


13 months / 14 months / 15 months / 16 months / 17 months / 18 months / 19 months / 20 months / 21 months / 22 months / 23 months

Wordless Wednesday – A boy and his dog #ww #hugadobie

My little guy and his favorite dog. Dobermans have such a bad rep, but they really are fantastic family dogs! 😀

Wordless Wednesday – Strawberry Monster!

This kid LOVES his “tawbedies”!


23 months!

Little man,

I can’t believe in one month, you will be TWO. I know I keep saying that on all of these monthly updates. But seriously…it boggles my mind.

That being said, you have definitely entered the terrible twos already. Tantrums happen at the drop of a hat. Taking you ANYWHERE is exhausting, and I imagine it will be that way for the foreseeable future. (I hear three and four is even worse…oh goodie! *sarcasm*) As your father says, it’s a good thing you’re cute.

You’ve been in the two year old class for a few weeks now (the daycare decided you were ready to move up a little early), and you seem to be thriving with the older kids. You’ve sat on the potty a few times after seeing the other boys do it, though you still haven’t done so at home. I was a little concerned about you being a summer baby and always being the youngest in your class, but it seems to work out well for you to have the older children to emulate.

I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

Love you lots and lots!
~ Mommy


23 month milestones (from Baby Center):

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Can make a tower of four bricks – Yes, I think the highest he has stacked is 6 or 7.
  • Can name a simple picture in a book – Been there, done that.
  • Can use 50 single words – Easily!

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Can make two or three word sentences – Yes
  • Can sing simple tunes – Yep
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other children – Yes

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Talks about self (likes, dislikes) – Not yet.
  • Asks “Why?” – Not yet.

22 months

Hey little man!

You’re 22 months old, which means in 2 months, you will be TWO! (That’s a lot of twos…) You are definitely ACTING like a two-year old already (MINE! NO WANT! *throws tantrum on floor*) I can honestly say that I don’t remember being two, but it seems very frustrating. lol

The attitude aside, you’re a great kid. You never stop moving. You love do athletic things – run, kick a ball, throw a ball, and Poppy taught you how to hit a ball with a bat (aka: plastic bowling pin). You definitely did not get your athleticism from me!

You can now say “Gigi” (that’s what you call my mom), “Where we going?”, “See ya!”, and “Found it!” among other things. You are so verbal (I guess more so than other one year olds?) the daycare has already started transitioning you to the two year old class, and if things continue to go well, they are planning to move you in July instead of waiting until August!

I love you so much! You never cease to amaze me!

– Mommy


22 month milestones (from Baby Center):

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Can kick a ball forward – Been there, done that!
  • Follows two-step requests (get your doll and bring it here) – Yes
  • Imitates others’ behavior – Yes

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Can do simple puzzles – Yes
  • Can draw a straight line – Almost
  • Can identify several body parts – BTDT

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Can put on clothing – He’s great with shoes. That’s about it.
  • Might be ready for a big bed – Probably, but he’s not climbing out of the crib, so he will stay there for now.
  • Understands opposites (tall and short) – Not quite yet.
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