Silicone Chewelry Necklace {Sensory/ASD} Review

** The following is a guest post from my friend and co-worker, Theresa. She is reviewing the Silicone Chewelry Necklace from iPuke on Etsy. She received a complimentary necklace in exchange for her honest review of this product.

Hi, my name is Theresa and I’m a Mommy of 2! My son who’s 6 is Autistic (ASD), and he has a huge oral fixation. He puts anything and everything in his mouth. I have tried silicone bracelets, but those seem to make his whole arm wet. We’ve tried teething rings, but they aren’t really chewy enough for him, and they are too big.

My wonderful co-worker and The Practically Green Mom blogger asked me to try out the Silicone Chewelry Necklace from iPuke, and we absolutely love it! This necklace gives him an appropriate way to handle his oral fixation, rather than chewing on his clothing or other objects.


The only thing I would have done differently is get the 24 or 26 inch, as opposed to the 22 inch, because my son likes to pull on it. Then, the clasp comes undone and he drops it…and he goes back to chewing on his shirt.

My son has worn it at school, and his teacher has noticed a big change in his behavior, because he’s not always looking for things to chew on! She’s even asked me for the website for other ASD parents. When I asked him if he liked the necklace, his response was “My big boy necklace is green and it’s chewy!” I would totally buy more, and at only $4.50 each, I can afford to get more than one and keep spares in my purse and car.


{My guest reviewer received a free necklace in exchange for her honest review of this product. The Practically Green Mom received no compensation. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.}

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