Wordless Wednesday – A boy and his dog #ww #hugadobie

My little guy and his favorite dog. Dobermans have such a bad rep, but they really are fantastic family dogs! 😀

Wordless Wednesday – Strawberry Monster!

This kid LOVES his “tawbedies”!


Wordless Wednesday – Ball?

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but {Hunter}’s favorite word is “ball”. He does say other words, but right now, everything is a ball. Book = ball, dog = ball, cat = ball…and now apparently, mandarins (though I can see why he would be confused lol)

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Wordless Wednesday – Sick Day

Called in sick to work. Now it’s time for a nap with my oldest and smallest “furbaby”.


Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Edition!

I was so excited about getting the Thankful for Fluff giveaway up last night, I forgot to post my Wordless Wednesday picture! So, it’s Wordless…Thursday?!

Here’s my Tiny Ninja practicing his sweet moves after {briefly} trick-or-treating last night. I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Now, let’s get excited about THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday – Yummy Vegan Food!

Little man enjoying a vegan meal: Pineapple Teriyaki Chickpeas {and veggies} from Happy Herbivore!


I omitted the szechuan and sugar to tone it down a bit, and make it a little more kid-friendly. The original recipe is pinned here:

Wordless Wednesday – Jungle Fever

*Hunter* loves graham crackers and milk, and his new jungle print diaper from Au Natural Baby!

Wordless Wednesday – All by myself


Scooter was 9 months and 4 days old when he did this on Monday.

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