Question: Is hitting your child illegal in South Africa?

On 18 September 2019, the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that corporal punishment in the home is illegal. This ruling outlaws any physical punishment a parent may use on their child such as hitting or spanking in the name of discipline.

What happens if you hit your child in South Africa?

“The effect of the (High Court) judgment is that if you give your child even the lightest slap on the wrist, you can be arrested and prosecuted for assault and if convicted, will have a life-long criminal record for abuse of your own children,” said For SA’s attorney Daniela Ellerbeck.

Can you go to jail for hitting your child in South Africa?

Even a spanking could now be ruled a criminal offence. The Constitutional Court of South Africa has ruled that corporal punishment is illegal in South African homes, upholding a High Court judgement from 2017 in the process.

Can parents legally hit their child?

Despite opposition from medical and social-services professionals, as of 2016, the spanking of children is legal in all states and, as of 2014, most people still believe it is acceptable provided it does not involve implements.

Is it illegal to give your child a hiding?

The Constitutional Court has officially made it illegal to give your child a hiding in the privacy of your own home. … eNCA reports that ConCourt had prohibited corporal punishment in detention back in 1995, with it outlawed in schools in 2000.

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Can you go to jail for slapping your child?

California Penal Code 273d PC defines the crime of child abuse, or corporal injury on a child, as imposing physical injury or cruel punishment on a minor under the age of 18. The offense may be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony and is punishable by up to 6 years in jail or prison.

Can your parents hit you when you’re 18?

No as it should not be necessary to use physical force on any child who has reached the age of understanding . At 18, she is legally an adult and should have had a respectful relationship with you for many years. You are also free to put her out on her own if she doesn’t follow the rules of the house.

Should parents hit their teenager?

It was bad, but it could have been a lot worse. Someone could have ended up getting seriously hurt. There is a rule about angry confrontations between parents and teens: Parents should not touch the teens under any circumstances. Don’t grab, don’t push, don’t hit, don’t intentionally block their way, don’t corner them.